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Audi manufactures exquisite cars – attractive, sophisticated and technically formidable. success stems from creativity, commitment and enthusiasm - and dedication to giving drivers and passengers exactly what they want. Consistently leading the way through groundbreaking innovations, Audi strive to continually advance and show what they mean by Never Follow.

This section of the website includes, all Audi RS models and our unique Audi vehicles including bespoke body styling packages - Audi R8, S3, S5, RS Q3, RS4, RS5, RS6, RS7.

Please scroll down the page and click on your required model to view, prices, Specifications, quick facts and funding information.

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Audi R8 Coupe Leasing   Audi R8 Coupe

No model with the four rings is closer to motorsport, none is more striking and more dynamic: at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, Audi is presenting the second generation of its high-performance R8 sports car. The V10 mid-engine and a newly developed quattro drive ensure breath taking driving performance, especially in the top-of-the-range version with 449 kW (610 hp): achieving 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in just 3.2 seconds, its top speed is 330 km/h (205.1 mph).
  From £1742.99 per month
Audi RS Q3 Leasing   Audi RS Q3

The RS Q3 transfers the performance philosophy of Audi to the compact SUV segment, thereby creating a new performance class," says Franciscus van Meel, Managing Director of quattro GmbH. "In addition to the RS5 Cabriolet, RS6 Avant and RS7 Sportback, the RS Q3 is the fourth RS model that we are launching on the market in 2013. The RS family is growing to eight members - more than ever.
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Audi RS3 Sportback Leasing   Audi RS3 Sportback

Hot, throaty sound, exhilaratingly free-revving and brawny power - the five cylinder engines from Audi are legendary. 270 kW (367 hp) output and 465 Nm (343.0 lb ft) of torque - Audi presents the new RS3 Sportback, the most powerful compact car in the premium segment. With its powerful five cylinder, turbocharged engine, the five door model accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in 4.3 seconds, and its top speed can be increased to 280 km/h (174.0 mph) upon request.
  From £408.99 per month
Audi RS6 Avant Leasing   Audi RS6 Avant

The new Audi RS6 Avant unites 412 kW (560 hp) of power and 700 Nm (516.29 lb-ft) of torque with unrestricted practicality for everyday use and leisure. Developed and built by quattro GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of AUDI AG, this high-performance Avant offers superior performance and ground breaking efficiency.
  From £999.99 per month
Audi RS7 Leasing   Audi RS7

Dynamics at their most beautiful - the Audi RS7 Sportback, the latest model from quattro GmbH, combines the power of a sports car with the elegance of a large, five-door coupé. The sprint from 0 to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) takes just 3.9 seconds; an option enables a top speed of 305 km/h (189.52 mph).
  From £889.99 per month
Audi S3  Leasing   Audi S3

The Audi S3 can accelerate earlier and more safely when exiting a corner; it is dynamic and has good road holding in all conditions, Also responds to steering input precisely and spontaneously and takes all types of corners at high speed and with little body movement; its handling is almost neutral.
  From £274.99 per month
Audi S3 Saloon Leasing   Audi S3 Saloon

The heart of the Audi S3 Saloon is the engine, the 2.0 TFSI with turbocharging and direct injection. Its predecessor was named "International Engine of the Year" in its class five times in a row, and the new 2.0 TFSI boasts even more impressive figures. Its peak output of 221 kW (300 hp) is available between 5,500 and 6,200 rpm. It delivers a 380 Nm (280.27 lb-ft) of torque to the crankshaft between 1,800 and 5,500 rpm.
  From £309.99 per month
Audi S3 Sport Back Leasing   Audi S3 Sport Back

The four-cylinder engine in the Audi S3 Sportback has been overhauled. The only thing in common with its predecessor is a displacement of 1,984 cc. Its rated output of 221 kW (300 hp) is available at 5,500 rpm; maximum torque of 380 Nm (280.27 lb-ft) is constantly available from 1,800 to 5,500 rpm.
  From £289.99 per month
Audi S5 Leasing   Audi S5

The Audi S5 Coupe, Cabriolet and Sportback are now more distinctive than ever. The rear lights and the headlights have been redesigned and are optionally available in xenon plus technology with homogenous LED daytime running lights. New colours and materials accentuate the interior, and many details of the operating concept have been fine-tuned.
  From £299.99 per month


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